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Water heater

During your installation, we will work with you to minimize any disruptions the installation may cause. While the installation is taking place, we ask that you or another responsible adult be present. For everyone's safety, it's important to keep family and pets out of the work area at all times. For certain installations; existing materials must be removed before new materials can be installed.

Steps to install Hot Water Heater
Put on heavy gloves and move the insulation in the open side of the water heater until you can see the wires connected to the heating element. Use a voltage tester to make sure that the wires aren't receiving current. Disconnect the wires on the heating element. Remove the protective collar that surrounds the heating element.

Use channel-type pliers to unscrew the heating element. There will be a gasket around the water heater opening, remove this as well. Use pipe joint compound to coat all sides of a new gasket