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If you plan to install a toilet in a new location, you will have to extend supply pipes and drainpipes to the desired spot, a job you may want to leave to a Prospect Park Plumbing and Heating contractor.

To remove the old tank, unbolt it from the bowl, using a screwdriver to hold the mounting bolt from inside the tank while unfastening its nut with a wrench from below. Remove the bowl by prying the caps off the hold-down bolts and removing the nuts with an adjustable wrench. Gently rock the bowl from side to side to break the seal between the bowl and the floor, then lift the bowl up, tilting it forward slightly to avoid spilling any remaining water. Stuff a rag into the drainpipe to prevent sewer from escaping into your home. Using an old putty knife, scrape the wax gasket remains from the floor flange.